Organizing Committee
  • Prof Bernhard Egger

    • Director of International Affairs & IT, College of Engineering
      Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
    • Seoul National University
  • Prof Hitoshi Aida

    • Associate Dean of Engineering
      Professor of Electrical Engineering & Information Systems
    • The University of Tokyo
  • Prof Chung-Che Chou

    • Associate Dean of Engineering
      Professor of Civil Engineering
    • National Taiwan University
  • Prof Christina Lim

    • Vice-Dean of Engineering (External Relations & Outreach)
      Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    • National University of Singapore
  • Prof Richard Hau-Yue So

    • Associate Dean of Engineering (Research & Graduate Studies)
      Professor of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
    • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Prof Haiyan Zhao

    • Vice-Dean of Department of Mechanical Engineering
      Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    • Tsinghua University
  • Prof Penny Martens

    • Associate Dean of Engineering (Research & Training)
      Associate Professor, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
    • UNSW Sydney